Correct use method and precautions of terminal machine

- Mar 06, 2020-

Correct use method and precautions of terminal machine

The terminal machine is a type of wire stripping and crimping machine commonly used in modern society. It has a device that automatically distributes air and oil, which can reduce the phenomenon of waste blocking, extend the service life of the blade, and improve the performance of the wire stripping The output of terminals creates benefits for enterprises. So what are the correct use methods and precautions of the terminal machine?

The correct operation steps of the terminal machine are as follows:

1. Turn on the power switch of the terminal machine, and the power indicator is on.

2. Pay attention to whether there is obvious abnormal noise inside or outside the machine. If there is a suspension of operation, please ask the mechanic to determine whether maintenance is needed.

3. Knife selection and installation: Operate by designated personnel. Before installing the knife, you must manually check whether the selected blade is matched. You can install the knife only after a correct comparison. After the knife installation, you must use the manual test.

4. Loading: Install the terminals to be hit, and adjust the feeding pressure plate with an Allen wrench to make the terminals pass easily. Check whether the feeding position is suitable. If not, adjust it. Use a hexagon wrench to loosen the screw of the feeder. Turn the adjustment screw to adjust until it is in the best state, and then tighten the feeder lock screw to start the operation.

5. Test the pulling force: After the machine is OK, take the waste wire and test it, and perform the pulling force test. The main reference value is shown in the “Rally Test Comparison Table”. The specific operation method is as follows. Press the zero key of the pulling force test to adjust to zero. The terminal wire is clamped and tested. If the measured tensile force is not within the standard range, ask the mechanic to readjust it until it reaches the standard value.

6. 10 pcs of trial production will be sent to IPQC for the first piece confirmation, and the inspection will be OK before mass production can be carried out. During the production process, the operator must self-check whether the terminals are covered with plastic, hanging neck, etc., and perform the terminal once every hour Pull test.

7. After the production is finished, arrange the good and waste products, and clean up the environment around the machine.

Precautions during the use of the terminal machine

1. During the operation, if the machine is abnormal, turn off the power first, and ask the mechanic to perform maintenance and debugging in time.

2. Non-designated personnel are strictly forbidden to debug or disassemble machine parts.

3. During operation, the power of the machine is not disconnected. Fingers or any part of the body are forbidden from entering the stamping area to avoid accidents at work.

4. During operation, if you need to leave the job, you must turn off the power before you leave.

5. When replacing the terminals, you must disconnect the power supply before performing the replacement operation. It is strictly forbidden to perform the replacement during the operation of the machine.

6. During operation, if any terminal is stuck in the die, it must be cleared with scissors or picking needle before continuing the operation.