Definition of grounding wire

- Apr 30, 2019-

The grounding wire is the line directly connected to the earth. It can also be called the safety circuit. When it is dangerous, it directly transfers the high voltage to the earth, which is regarded as a lifeline.

Household appliances and equipment may have a certain static electricity due to poor insulation performance or damp environment. In severe cases, electric shock may occur. In order to avoid accidents, a wire can be connected to the metal casing of the appliance, and the other end of the wire is connected to the earth. When the appliance leaks, the ground wire will bring the static electricity to the earth to be released. In addition, when the electric maintenance personnel use the electric soldering iron welding circuit, it is sometimes important to break the integrated circuit in the electric appliance because the electric iron is charged. A friend who uses a computer sometimes ignores the grounding of the main body casing. In fact, the computer mainframe is connected to the ground wire to prevent the occurrence of a crash phenomenon to a certain extent.

Grounding wire in the power system: An important tool to ensure that workers are accidentally exposed to voltages on equipment and lines that have been out of service. According to the Ministry's regulations, the grounding wire must be made of bare copper wire of 25mm 2 or more.