Grounding wire precautions

- Jun 17, 2019-

1. The ground wire must be checked before working. Whether the soft copper wire is broken, whether there is looseness at the screw connection, whether the elastic force of the wire hook is normal, if it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced or repaired before use.

2. Before the grounding wire is connected, the power must be checked first. The grounding wire that is not inspected is the common habit of violation of the rules in the grassroots. When hanging, the grounding wire can not be in contact with the body.

3. Hang the grounding wire at both ends of the working place to avoid the possibility of the user reversing the power and induction of electricity. There are many examples of the damage.

4. When grounding the pile, it is necessary to dial the body to quickly clear the large current of the accident and ensure the quality of the grounding.

5. Take care of the ground wire. The grounding wire should not be twisted during use. When not in use, the soft copper wire should be well-discharged. After the grounding wire is removed, it should not be dropped from the air or scattered anywhere. It should be transmitted by rope, pay attention to the cleaning work of the grounding wire.

6. The new staff must pass the training, study and use of the grounding line before they can be engaged in the grounding line operation or use.

7. Select the ground wire of the corresponding specification according to different voltage levels.

8. It is strictly forbidden to use other metal wires instead of ground wires.

9. On-site work shall not hang the grounding wire or change the location of the grounding wire without authorization.

10. The grounding wire has double-sidedness, which has a safety function. If it is used improperly, it will also have a destructive effect. Therefore, the grounding wire should be removed in time. A grounded wire switch can damage electrical equipment and damage the stability of the power grid, causing serious electrical accidents.