Harness concept - medical harness

- Jul 23, 2019-

A set of wires and cables are tied together to carry the signal and power connections between the devices. It is a wiring component that connects various electrical equipment in an automobile circuit, and is composed of an insulating sheath, a terminal, a wire, and an insulating wrapping material.

Chinese name: wiring harness

English name: harness

Definition: A group of wires and cables are tied together to carry the signal and power connections between the devices. Affiliation: Communication technology (a subject); Cable transmission and access (two subjects) wiring harness is the wiring component of the electrical equipment connected to the circuit, consisting of insulation sheath, terminal, wire and insulation wrapping materials.

These include: medical harnesses

In order to facilitate installation and maintenance, the electric wire bundle ensures that the electrical equipment can work under the most severe conditions. The wires of different specifications and different colors used in the electrical equipment of the whole vehicle are properly arranged, and they are integrated into one body and insulated with insulating materials. The wires are bundled into bundles, which are both complete and reliable.

Harness material selection

The automobile wiring harness is a continuous carrier of each component of the automobile, and its main function is to ensure the transmission of electrical signals, and also to ensure the reliability of the connected circuit, supply a prescribed current value to the electronic and electrical components, prevent electromagnetic interference to surrounding circuits, and eliminate The electrical short circuit. The choice of wires for automotive wiring harnesses is critical to the entire automotive wiring harness manufacturing process and does not allow us to be sloppy.

1. The ambient temperature around the engine is high, and there are many corrosive gases and liquids. Therefore, the wires of the engine harness must use high temperature, oil, vibration and friction resistant wires.

2. The wires on the automatic transmission use wires that are resistant to hydraulic oil, high temperature, and temperature stability.

3. The wire harness of the harness on the trunk lid should maintain its elasticity at low temperatures, so use a cold elastic wire to ensure its normal operation.

4. Weak signal sensors should use shielded wires, such as knock sensor and crank position sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor.

5. The ABS wire harness assembly is resistant to 150-200 °C high temperature, the outer protective insulation layer is hard and wear-resistant, but the wire core is larger than 133 stranded wires.

6. Power line: The wire used in the battery line of the alternator output line of the starter is a special wire that can withstand the high heat dissipation performance of the high current insulation layer and the voltage drop.

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