Harness detection of wire harness

- Jul 29, 2019-

Detection and judgment of wiring harness line faults

1) Detection and judgment of wire harness burnout failure

For example, the wire harness of the computer miner's harness is burned out, all of which happen suddenly, and the burning speed is very fast. Generally, there is no safety device in the burnt line. The rule of burning the electric wire bundle is: in the circuit of the power supply system, which point is grounded, where the electric wire bundle is burned, where the burnt and the intact part are at the junction, it can be considered that the electric wire is grounded; if the electric wire bundle is burned out When the wiring to an electrical equipment indicates that the electrical equipment is faulty.

2) Detection and judgment of short circuit, open circuit, and poor contact between the wires - the wire bundle is subjected to external pressing and impact, causing damage to the wire insulation layer in the wire bundle, resulting in a short circuit between the wires, causing some electrical devices to lose control. The fuse is blown. When judging, the electrical harness connector at both ends of the electrical equipment and the control switch can be disconnected, and the short circuit of the line can be detected by the electric meter or the test light. - Wire breakage failure, in addition to the obvious fracture phenomenon, common faults occur mostly between the wire and the wire terminal. After some wires are broken, the outer insulation layer and the wire terminals are intact, but the inner core wire and the wire terminal of the wire are broken. When judging, the tensile test can be performed on the conductive wire and the wire terminal of the suspected open circuit. During the tensile test, if the wire insulation layer is gradually tapered, it can be confirmed that the wire has been broken. - The line is in poor contact and the fault occurs mostly in the connector. When a fault occurs, it may cause the electrical equipment to malfunction. When judging, the power of the electrical device is turned on, and the relevant connector of the electrical device is touched or pulled. When a connector is touched, the operation of the electrical device is normal and abnormal, indicating that the connector is abnormal. failure.

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