How to identify the electronic harness?

- Aug 10, 2019-

Electronic cable products are closely related to people's lives, so the quality of the products directly interferes with the safety of the consumers and the wealth of the consumers. Therefore, the correct purchase of the electronic harness cable is a good way to identify, for everyone:

1. Check the "ccc" certification mark. The electronic cable products are national mandatory safety certification products. All production enterprises must obtain the “ccc” certification certified by the China Electrotechnical Products Certification Committee, and have the “ccc” certification mark on the pass or product.

2. Look at the inspection and telling. As a product that disturbs people and wealth, electronic cable has been listed as the focus of monitoring and testing by the authorities. Regular manufacturers take over the monitoring unit by cycle. Therefore, the seller should be able to have the inspection of the quality inspection unit, otherwise, the quality of the electronic cable production will lack a basis.

3. Look at the packaging. For regular enterprises that produce products that meet the national scale, the electronic harness cables produced are very careful about product packaging. When shopping, be careful with the packaging, the printing should be clear, the model specifications, factory name, and factory address are available.

4. Look at the appearance. The surface of the product is smooth and round, with an average color. In order to promote the quality of production and ensure that the products meet the national scale conditions, the electronic wire harness cable enterprises that meet the national scale conditions are strictly controlled in terms of raw material purchase, production equipment and production technology. Therefore, the surface of the produced electronic wire harness cable products meets the scale conditions, smooth and round, and the average color. The surface of counterfeit and shoddy products is rough and dull. For the rubber insulated flexible cable, the condition surface is rounded, and the sheath, the insulation, and the conductor are not easily peeled off. The surface of the counterfeit and shoddy products is rough, the ovality is large, and the sheath insulation strength is low, and the hand is torn open.

5. Look at the conductor. The conductor is shiny, and the DC resistance and conductor layout size meet the national scale conditions. The electronic wire cable products that meet the national scale conditions, whether it is the aluminum material conductor or the copper material conductor, are relatively bright and oil-free. Therefore, the DC resistance of the conductor fully meets the national scale, and has excellent electrical conductivity and high safety.

6. Measure the length of the wire harness cable. The length is an important and intuitive way to meet the national scale to reduce the counterfeit and shoddy products.

When purchasing, do not attempt to be cheap. If you purchase an electronic cable with an actual number of meters lower than its nominal number of meters, the length must match the nominal number of meters. The national standard specifies an error of ±0.5 meters per 100 meters.

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