Instructions for the use of grounding wires

- Jun 05, 2019-

(1) When hanging the grounding wire: first connect the grounding clamp, then connect the electrical clamp; when removing the grounding wire, you must first remove the electrical clamp according to the procedure, and then remove the grounding clamp.

(2) Installation: Fix the grounded soft copper wire on the grounding rod with the copper eye on the grounding rod (the fixed clamp and the movable type), and connect the grounding wire to the single eye copper nose. It is fixed on the grounding clip or ground pin to form a complete grounding wire.

(3) Verify that the voltage level of the grounding rod is consistent with the voltage level of the operating equipment.

(4) The grounding soft copper wire has a split phase type and a combined type, and the ground rod has a flat mouth type and a double spring hook type line clamp.