Replacement of wiring harness assembly

- Aug 04, 2019-

Appearance inspection

1) The new wiring harness model should be the same as the original model. The wire terminals and the wires are connected reliably. You can pull and pull the connectors and wires to loosen or fall off.

2) Compare the new wiring harness with the original wiring harness. For example, the size of the wiring harness, the wire terminal connector, and the color of the wire should be basically the same. For doubts, use a multimeter to test and confirm that the wiring harness is intact before it can be replaced.

Engineering harness installation

The connectors, plugs, and sockets of each electrical device shall correspond to the sockets and plugs on the wiring harness. After connecting the connecting wires to the electrical equipment, leave a certain margin. The wires should not be pulled too tight or placed too loose.

Line inspection and connection test

1) Inspection of the line After the wiring harness is replaced, first check whether the connection between the harness connector and the electrical equipment is correct, and whether the positive and negative terminals of the battery are connected correctly.

2) The grounding wire of the power test battery can be temporarily disconnected. Use a 12V, 20W bulb to test the lamp, connect the test lamp between the battery negative pole and the ground end of the frame, and turn off all the electricity on the car. Device switch. The test light should not light when it is normal, otherwise it indicates that the circuit is faulty. When the circuit is normal, remove the bulb, use a fuse with a capacity of 30A, and connect it between the negative pole of the battery and the ground end of the frame. Do not start the engine, and connect the power supply of each electric equipment on the vehicle one by one. And line inspection, after confirming that the electrical equipment and the line are not faulty, remove the fuse and connect the battery ground wire.

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