What affects the service life of the wiring harness

- Mar 28, 2020-

What affects the service life of the wiring harness?

Electronic wiring harnesses are widely used in our daily life and work. They are as large as mechanical equipment and small electronic accessories, and cannot function normally without the use of wiring harnesses as carriers.The quality of the wire harness can be seen from its service life. High-quality wire harnesses can generally be used until the day when the equipment is scrapped. Of course, the premise is correct use, not illegal or overloaded. Such high-quality wire harnesses are used in materials selection The processing technology is top-notch.Want to know how to use the harness correctly, several factors affecting the life of the harness:

  1. Poor quality raw materials: The quality of the raw materials is directly related to the life of the wiring harness. The wiring of the wiring harness is normally made of pure copper. However, not all wiring harness manufacturers will comply with this industry rule. Take more profits and use copper-clad steel, iron-clad or copper-zinc cables to make wire harnesses. The quality of wire harnesses made from this material can be imagined, not to mention life.

  2. Illegal use: different thicknesses of wire harnesses can withstand different currents. If thin wire harnesses are used for excessively high currents, the wire harnesses will heat up because they cannot support how much current, which will cause the wire harnesses or equipment to burn out. Fire may occur, so be sure to use the wiring harness to withstand the corresponding current.

  3. Use environment: The use environment of the wire harness is also a factor that affects the life of the wire harness. The wire harness used outdoors is definitely not as long as the indoor one. The wire harness used for outdoor advertising light boxes is exposed to rain and rain for a long time, which will greatly shorten the use of the wire harness. life.