What are the interfaces for wire harness processing?

- Jun 29, 2019-

The interface is an important part in wire harness processing. The interface for wire harness processing can be divided into the following two types:

Among them: taking the ATM wire harness as an example

The main function of the I/O interface is to implement the CPU. The I/O circuit is connected to the peripheral devices through the system. According to the complexity of the circuit and the device, the hardware of the I/O interface can be mainly divided into the following two types:

1. I/O interface chip

Most of this type of chip is an integrated circuit, which can input different parameters and commands through the CPU, connect the line processing and control related I/O circuits as well as some simple peripheral devices for related operations. Common interface chips are: interrupt controllers, parallel interfaces, counters, and DMA controllers.

2. I/O interface control card

Such a control card is mainly composed of a plurality of integrated circuits according to logic, or directly on the same motherboard as the CPU, or a plug-in inserted in the bus slot of the system.

3. One type of interface used in the cable is the USB data cable. This type of cable is very common, because for many people, cable, electronic wire, wire, and wire are used. The control of this part of the time is definitely able to achieve very good results, and once the problem is actually realized, people will obviously feel that it is not so good, this is to make people feel that the effect is not so An important reason for good, but also very good results, is a very important aspect.

4. When the cable, electronic wire, wire, electronic wire, and cable are in use, a very good type of HDMI is used. This type makes many people feel the effect is good, itself When these aspects are used, the computer is directly connected to a TV or a projector, and some of them are absolutely necessary types, and because of them, a very good effect is achieved.

5. Connection cable, cable, electronic wire, wire, electronic wire and VGA interface and the type of DVI interface used. This part is very good when used, and it also brings people a different feeling. This is the feeling brought by a good product, making people's life more convenient and faster.