What is the impact of the life of the harness?

- Aug 16, 2019-

Electronic harnesses are used in a wide range of applications in our daily lives and work, ranging from mechanical equipment to electronic components. Without a harness as a carrier, they cannot function properly. The quality of the wire harness can be seen from the service life. The quality wire harness can generally be used on the day when the equipment is scrapped. Of course, the premise is correct use, can not be used in violation of regulations or overload, so that the quality wire harness is selected in the material or wire harness. The processing technology is top-notch. I want to know how to use the harness correctly, which affects the life of the harness.

1. Inferior raw materials: The quality of raw materials is directly related to the life of the wire harness. The cable of the wire harness is normally made of pure copper. However, not all wire harness manufacturers will abide by this industry rule. Some wire harness manufacturers want to reduce costs. In order to earn more profits, the wire harness is made of copper clad steel, iron-clad or copper-clad cable. The quality of the wire harness made of this material can be imagined, let alone the life.

2. Violation of use: The current of different thickness of wire harness can be different. If a thin wire harness is used on a high current, the wire harness will heat up because it cannot withstand much current, which will cause the wire harness or equipment to burn out. It even causes a fire, so it is necessary to see if it can withstand the corresponding current when using the wire harness.

3. Use environment: The use environment of the wire harness is also a factor that affects the life of the wire harness. The wire harness used outdoors must have no long service life in the room. The wire harness used in the outdoor advertising light box will be exposed for a long time, and the rain will greatly shorten the wire harness. The service life.

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