Graphics Card 6Pin To Dual 6 + 2Pin Extension Cable

Brand: HOLLY Model :PC8200-03 Article number: PC8200-03 Origin: Quzhou Source : Category Order Type :Adapter Interface: Other / other chip 11021 Data transmission : speed 2024 (MB / s) Line length: 1.2 (m) OEM can be OEM processing method: to map custom
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Product Details

Product name: Graphics card 6PIN to 6 + 2PIN extension cable.

Wire model: UL1007-18AWG.

Insulation material: PVC insulation

Conductor specification: 41 * 0.16TS

Conductor material: tinned copper

Wire outer diameter: OD2.1mm

Rated temperature: 80 ℃

Wire color: yellow, black

Product interface: 55596PIN at one end, 55576 + 2 slide rail interface at the other end.

Product role: to solve the problem that the video card power supply interface is not enough, it can also be used for extension.

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