Multi-hard Disk Power Extension Cable

Brand: HOLLY / Hongli Model: PC4400-01 Type: Harness / Connecting wire / Terminal wire Operating frequency :Low frequency Application range: Computer Interface type: D-SUB (VGA) Shape Strip Length: Custom (mm) Production Process: Cold Press Custom processing :Yes Features :Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material: High-precision copper
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VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a video graphics array, which has the advantages of high resolution, fast display rate, and rich colors. The VGA interface is not only a standard interface for CRT display devices, but also a standard interface for LcD liquid crystal display devices, with a wide range of applications.

The VGA interface is a special interface for the computer to output data using the VGA standard. The VGA interface has a total of 15 pins and is divided into 3 rows with 5 holes in each row. The most widely used interface type on the graphics card is that most graphics cards have this interface. It transmits red, green, and blue analog signals as well as synchronization signals (horizontal and vertical signals).

This electronic harness is used in computers.

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