Factors Affecting The Quality Of The Harness

- Jun 28, 2019-

1. Quality of raw materials

If the quality of the raw materials is not good, the things that are made will definitely not go well. Just like the flour is not good, the steamed buns must not be delicious. The reason is the same. In order to continue the development of the wire harness processing factory, the purchase of wire bundle raw materials must not be sloppy, he will decide the order and determine the fate of the company. The terminals of the electronic harness are mainly made of copper in the process of making, and there are two kinds of bronze and brass, and brass is more important than brass. In addition, different coatings need to be selected according to different requirements. Under normal circumstances, the wiring harness is composed of an insulating sheath, a wire, a wrapping material and the like. The usual raw materials for electronic harnesses are PBT, PA66, ABS, and PA6. In actual applications, materials are selected according to customer needs.

2. Wire harness processing reasons

Why is the process reason important? Also said that the example of steamed steamed buns, the same steamer, under the practice of different masters, the steamed steamed buns are not the same, some soft and moderate, moderate sweetness, and some are not good. The process plays a very important reason inside.

3. Reasons for processing equipment

This is especially important in the issue of electronic wire harness production. Many small businesses buy some used wire harness processing equipment, they are seriously aging in performance, and some other wire harness processing plants do not need equipment. The wire harness processed by such equipment is in quality. There is no guarantee on it.

4. Factory inspection

Testing also needs to check the accuracy of the equipment and the responsibility of the inspection workers. It is absolutely impossible to let some unqualified wire harness products leave the factory. This will have a great impact on the reputation and the performance of the processed equipment, such as the wiring harness on the car, suddenly A problem can lead to an accident.