How To Distinguish The Quality Of Electronic Wires

- Jun 22, 2019-

The electronic line is an abbreviation for the internal connection of electrical equipment. The power supply is mainly based on weak current, and has different concepts from the cable in the field of strong electricity. The electronic wires are divided into three series: UL specification, 3C specification, and VDE specification. The AWG is usually the UL specification. The square of the section is usually the 3C specification or the VDE specification. The domestic electronic line manufacturer is mainly 3C. Or UL is the two norms.

First, the computer mine machine harness is selected as far as possible to meet the requirements of the specification of the goods, wire and cable in China is attributed to the national forcible safety certification products, all production companies need to obtain the "CCC" symbol certified by China's electrical commodity certification committee, and in The goods and certificates are marked with the "CCC" certification symbol. Export goods need to pay attention to the US UL regulations and the EU's environmental RoHS requirements. Second, in terms of functions and specifications, it is not a simple matter to choose the right one in the messy and thousands of electronic lines. However, it is not difficult to learn from actual combat experience. It can be summarized in two steps, top of the list, learning from peers, and learning from peers. Second, constantly optimize your peers so that your choices are more appropriate for your merchandise regardless of cost, function and environmental requirements. Of course, you can also make it simple, directly consult our customer service, he will be willing to provide his professional advice for you to choose.

Third, the appearance of the product is smooth and uniform, and the color is even. In order to improve the quality of goods and ensure that the products meet the requirements of national regulations, the wire and cable companies that meet the requirements of the national regulations strictly control the original data purchase, production equipment, and production technology. Therefore, the appearance of the wire and cable products produced in accordance with the specification requirements: lubrication and roundness, uniform color. The appearance of impersonating goods is rough and dull. As for the rubber insulated flexible cable, the appearance of the request is round, and the sheath, the insulation, and the conductor are tight and not easily peeled off. The impersonation product has a rough appearance, a large ovality, and a low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn off by hand.

Fourth, the conductor is shiny, DC resistance, conductor construction scale, etc. meet the requirements of national regulations. The wire and cable products that meet the requirements of the national regulations, whether it is the aluminum data conductor or the copper data conductors, are bright and oil-free. Therefore, the DC resistance of the conductor is completely in line with national regulations and is outstanding.