How To Ensure Product Quality?

- Dec 04, 2019-

Do not manufacture defective products

This is the first guarantee for every on-site production staff. Only by not producing defective products can it be possible not to flow out and accept defective products.

Non-defective product flow out

Once an operator finds a defective product, it must be stopped in a timely manner, the defective product is cut off in this process, and the countermeasures to prevent and reoccur in the process are completed.

Do not accept defective products

Once the post-process personnel finds a defect, they will immediately implement shutdown in this process and notify the previous process accordingly. The staff in the previous process should immediately stop production, track down the reasons, and take countermeasures to control the outflow.

Several ways to prevent the occurrence of defective products:

1.100% self-test for operators

The realization of zero defects must be implemented by the operator to complete 100% inspection, requiring the operator to treat the next process as his own customer, and only pass the qualified products to the later process. The responsibility of the inspector is not to detect nonconforming products, but to reduce them to zero. Therefore, as part of the process control, the operator must be required to perform a full inspection.

2.Make full use of inspection equipment

In the production process, when the operator is affected by various objective factors and eventually makes mistakes, some human errors are inevitable. If the quality level is dependent on people's work attitude, the quality cannot be effectively guaranteed.So we need the cooperation of manual inspection and instruments

3.Leveling production and operations

Leveling includes quantity leveling and variety leveling. After leveling production, due to the sharp reduction in the number of in-process products in the process, the reduction of handling operations and the reduction of stacking operations, etc., will reduce the defects caused by bumps and squeezes.

At the same time, due to the reduction of workpieces, product mis-installation, miss-installation, and over-installation will not occur. In this way, because the production operation is performed in a regular and stable condition, the possibility of error operations is greatly reduced.

4.Perform standardized operations

Standardized operation refers to the complete elimination of operation waste and regularization and regularization of operator operations. The standardization operation is based on not producing defective products on the spot, and it is also the starting point and maintenance point for improvement. At the same time, standardized operations also provide effective guarantees for training newcomers and production pacesetters.