On The Importance Of Wiring Harness

- Aug 15, 2019-

In the ATM

The bank's ATM ATM is no stranger to everyone. Because of its appearance, people have become very convenient and convenient in handling the money-accessing business. They don't have to go to the counter as before, and they have to wait for more than a dozen when there are many people. Waiting for the number. I don't know if you will be very curious about what is inside the ATM machine. Everyone knows that there is of course a power and communication transmission line—the ATM electronic wiring harness of the ATM machine.

While everyone is enjoying the convenience that ATM brings to our daily lives, how many people have thought about the importance of the ATM wire harness for ATMs? ATM is a data transmission technology. It is a packet-based switching and utilization technology based on cells. It is applicable to LAN and WAN. It has high-speed data transmission rate and supports many types such as voice, data, fax, real-time video, CD quality audio and image communication. It can be explained that the ATM electronic wiring harness of the ATM is extremely important. Once there is any poor contact in the UL harness, a short circuit or other fault occurs, the ATM will immediately be out of service and can no longer be traded through the adjusted data transmission.

2. In the car

The automobile wiring harness is an important component that connects various electrical and electronic devices of the automobile, plays the role of transmitting electrical signals between the electronic device and the electrical appliance, and is a carrier for controlling the electrical signal of the automobile. It can be said that there is no automotive circuit without the wire bundle. . With the increasing demand for automobiles in modern society, the intelligence of automobiles has also increased, which puts higher demands on automobile wiring harnesses. Associated with the automotive wiring harness is the automotive connector, which functions as a means of quickly connecting and blocking between the wiring harnesses and between the wiring harness and other electronic devices. With the development of automotive electronic technology and the development of wire harnesses, higher requirements have been placed on connectors. Connectors are more flexible, have higher insulation, and provide better conditions for the conduction of wire bundles. Increased performance increases car reliability and safety. While automotive connectors are an important part of automotive wiring harnesses, the design and research of connectors has become an important part of how to improve vehicle performance and intelligence.

The ideal result for the design of the wiring harness is to ensure that all automotive electrical and electronic equipment can work properly with short wires and suitable wire cross-sections. Therefore, there are strict requirements on the material quality, quality and conductivity of the wire. In addition to the material of the wire itself, the working ability of the wire harness involves externally controllable factors such as the cross section of the wire. Therefore, in the selection of the wire bundle, it is necessary to consider not only the wire itself but also the specific operation and practice of the researcher. The connector for connecting and connecting is also extremely demanding. The friction and wear of the contact end of the connector must withstand the test of the car for a long time. For materials that are easy to wear or have insufficient friction, the material should be eliminated as soon as possible. . The connector is composed of two parts, the base and the contact end, which is more complicated than the wire bundle.

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