Safety Line For Electronic Sheathing

- Aug 09, 2019-

The electronic sheathing line is used for weak electrical engineering, such as internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment. The general nominal is based on AWG, and the internal conductor should be divided into bare copper and tinned copper according to normal specifications.

Electronic wire characteristics of insulating plastics

1. Plastic has high strength: Although plastic is not as hard as metal, it has higher strength and wear resistance than glass, ceramics and wood. Plastics can be made into gears and bearings that are consolidated on the machine.

2. Plasticity is plasticity: The so-called plasticity of plastic is the ability to soften the solid plastic by heating, and then put the softened plastic in the mold, let it cool and then re-solidify into a solid with a certain shape. This property of plastic also has certain defects, that is, it is easy to soften and deform when it is hot, and some plastics will deform when it is hotted with hot water, so plastic products are generally not suitable for contact with boiling water.

3. Plastics are elastic: some plastics also have a certain elasticity like synthetic fibers. When it is stretched by external force, the curled molecules are straightened by flexibility, but once the tension is removed, it will return to its curled state, which makes the plastic elastic, such as polyethylene and polychlorinated. A film product of ethylene. But some plastics are not elastic. Electronic wire construction such as: mechanical harness.

1) Insulation materials mainly use high-performance heat-resistant PVC insulation materials imported from Japan. (There are three categories of soft, semi-rigid and hard)

2) The shielding layer is made of tinned soft copper wire with a diameter of 0.1mm or more and is used to improve the anti-interference and anti-noise ability of the cable.

3) The sheath material mainly uses heat-resistant PVC sheathing material imported from Japan.

4) The conductor is made of tinned soft copper wire of American wire gauge 14-30AWG and electrical soft copper wire with cross-sectional area of 0.3mm2-2.0mm2. There are three types of conductors: stranded conductors, OS-1 (TCW) conductors, solid conductors.

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