Which Appliances Are Used For Wiring Harnesses?

- Jul 10, 2019-

The classification method of household appliances has not been unified in the world. However, according to the function and use classification of products, they are classified into 8 categories.

1. Refrigeration appliances. Including household refrigerators, cold drinks machines, etc.

2. Air conditioner. Including room air conditioners, fans, ventilation fans, hot and cold air, air dehumidifiers, etc.

3. Clean the appliance. Including washing machines, clothes dryers, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, floor waxing machines, etc.

4. Kitchen appliances. Including electric stoves, microwave ovens, induction cooktops, electric ovens, rice cookers, dishwashers, electric water heaters, food processing machines, etc.

5. Electric heating appliances. Including electric blankets, electric heating, water blankets, electric heating suits, space heaters.

6. Cosmetic health appliances. Including electric razors, hair dryers, hair styling machines, ultrasonic cleaners, electric massagers.

7. Audio-visual appliances. Including pico projectors, televisions, radios, recorders, video recorders, video cameras, stereos, etc.

8. Other electrical appliances, such as fire alarms, electric bells, etc.

With the improvement of life, water purifiers have become a member of household appliances. More and more families are using this new type of electrical products: as most of the world's water bodies are seriously polluted, the contradiction of water shortage is aggravated. . Traditional tap water treatment methods cannot guarantee the provision of high quality drinking water, and there are secondary pollution problems in municipal water supply, such as high-level water tank supply and long tap water pipeline, which will cause potential rust and sediment. And pollution problems such as microorganisms. Therefore, all kinds of water purifiers came into being.

Household appliances, referred to as home appliances, refer to appliances that are driven by electrical energy (or mechanized) to help perform household chores such as foraging, food preservation or cleaning. In addition to the home environment, they can also be used for company codes or In an industrial environment. Basically, household appliances are divided into large household appliances (white goods, black household appliances) and small household appliances. Now more and more families will choose security appliances, and will inevitably use security monitoring harnesses.