VDE European Standard Ac Power Cord

VDE european standard ac power cord
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VDE european standard ac power cord

Plug:VDE Schuko Plug and iec c13 plug

Wire:3*0.75mm2 or custom

Color: Black or custom

Length:1m or custom

Conductor: use purity up to 99.99% oxygen free pure copper; In strict accordance with E140081 (UL wire production standard) stranded copper, draw wire.

Guarantee wire: square enough, safe enough, durable enough!

* Plug: use Taiwan jiantong (GEM) hardware, the industry benchmark hardware supplier.Ensure the smooth export of products and high quality!

* Granule: 154 environmental protection tests of EU REACH high environmental protection granule, helping the environmental protection cause and quality.

"Schuko" is a short form of the German term Schutzkontakt (literally: protective contact), which indicates that plug and socket are equipped with protective-earth contacts (in the form of clips rather than pins). Schuko connectors are normally used on circuits with 230 V, 50 Hz, for currents up to 16 A.

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