VDE Schuko Plug To Iec C13 Power Cord

VDE Schuko Plug to iec c13 power cord
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VDE Schuko Plug to iec c13 power cord

Plug:VDE Schuko Plug and iec c13 plug

Wire:3*0.75mm2 or custom

Color: Black or custom

Length:1m or custom

"Schuko" is a short form of the German term Schutzkontakt (literally: protective contact), which indicates that plug and socket are equipped with protective-earth contacts (in the form of clips rather than pins). Schuko connectors are normally used on circuits with 230 V, 50 Hz, for currents up to 16 A.

Application: connect PC, computer, host, monitor, electric cooker, scale, printer, copier, projector, etc.

Many friends ignore the importance of the power cord. In fact, sometimes the power cord on the support plate is not stable (sparks), the power cord heating leads to voltage instability, host restart and other faults, which is related to the power cord work is not good, poor contact, resulting in insufficient power.

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