UK Plug With Iec C5 Power Cord

UK plug with iec c5 power cord
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UK plug with iec c5 power cord

UK plugs are always referred as 13 A fused plugs that mostly used in UK, Ireland and former British territories, e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia etc.

Insulation is used outside the environmental protection of hard polyvinyl chloride material wire safety,wear,durable and avoid around.

Conductor with oxygen-free copper wire core,conductive good,small resistance,anti-oxidation,fast and stabletransmission.

Universal word tail interface,the internal use of pure copper plug combination,resistant to plug,practical and safe.

The safety tube protects the safety of daily electricity.

Conductor: use purity up to 99.99% oxygen free pure copper; In strict accordance with E140081 (UL wire production standard) stranded copper, draw wire.

Guarantee wire: square enough, safe enough, durable enough!

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