7282-8852-30 3 Pin PBT Male GF30 Automotive Electronic Connectors Truck Wire Harness

7282-8852-30 3 Pin PBT Male GF30 Automotive Electronic Connectors Truck Wire Harness

jst connector cable for 3D Printer
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jst connector cable for 3D Printer

6-pin JST connector commonly used on the stepper motors found on 3D Printers on motor end

4-pin JST connector on the other (this connector is commonly found on 3D printer control boards, but differs from the also-popular Dupont connector).

2M length enables flexibility in mounting locations for control boards (outside of heated enclosures) and remote bowden extruders.

Please verify that the pinout of your driver/controller and motor match the pattern of these cables. Some configurations do not require the "crossover", in which case this cable should still work after simply removing 3 pins from one end of the connector by depressing the tab on the metal pin with a small pointed tool while carefully pulling the wire (one at a time), and then re-inserting the wires in the desired order (after bending the tab back out slightly so that the pins will lock into the connectors)

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