IDC to DIP 10pin Grey Ribbon Cable

IDC to DIP 10pin Grey Ribbon Cable

Gray 2.54 IDC connector series ----- 6-64P
Connector name: 2.54 IDC (FC) Socket Connectors
Pitch: 2.54mm IDC connector
Color: the common color is black, also have gray.
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Gray 2.54 IDC connector series ----- 6-64P

Connector name: 2.54 IDC (FC) Socket Connectors

Pitch: 2.54mm IDC connector

Color: the common color is black, also have gray.

Material: PBT standard pro-Environmental material (94v-0)

Terminal material: bronze and phosphorous bronze; Bronze T=0.30 (50u nickel base, 1-30u gold plated contact area)

Electroplating: half gold nickel plating and full gold and nickel plating

Base: PBT 30% fiber (94v-0)

Electrical Properties:

Rated current: 3.0Amp

Maximum voltage: AC 500V/ 1Minute

The insulation resistance: 1000 mΩ Min, when the DC is 500 v

Contact resistance: 20mΩ Max

Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +105°C


Application: suitable for 2651 26AWG 28AWG 1.27mm pitch gray cable and rainbow color flat cable; (also: 32AWG, 30AWG, 26AWG, 24AWG)

Specification: PINs are as follows:

6P 8P 10P 12P 14P 16P 18P 20P 22P 24P 26P 30P 34P 40P 44P 50P 60P 64P; (also: 0.635mm 1.0mm 2.0mm 2.54mm)

Copper wire structure material: plated first and then stranded tin copper wire

Copper conductor: 7/0.12MM {in addition: 7/0.08MM 7/0.09MM 7/0.1MM 7/0.16MM 7/0.2MM (7 means have 7 pcs copper wire}

Cable color: gray with red color

Connection way according to customer requirements.

Test Requirements:

Good appearance, plastic parts should not have injection defects.

Metal parts shall not have scratches, deformation and other defects.

The on-off performance meets the specified requirements.

Widely used in computers, instruments, machines, electrical appliances, LED displays, cars, color TV, air conditioning, DVD, VCD and other connectors.

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