ISM11 Cm875 Engine Wiring Harness 2864516 4022870 4004573

ISM11 Cm875 Engine Wiring Harness 2864516 4022870 4004573

jst connector cable for 3D Printer
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We constantly update production line equipment, comprehensively improve production innovation capabilities, improve product quality, and do a good job in diversified management of JST Connector Wiring Harness, Intelligent Conference Display Wiring Harness, 3D Printer Towline Cable. We adhere to conscientiously do our technology, seriously solve the customer's questions, seriously consider for the customer. The company's strict, scientific management, continuous innovation and superior product performance, and satisfactory service have earned a certain reputation in the market.

jst connector cable for 3D Printer

6-pin JST connector commonly used on the stepper motors found on 3D Printers on motor end

4-pin JST connector on the other (this connector is commonly found on 3D printer control boards, but differs from the also-popular Dupont connector).

2M length enables flexibility in mounting locations for control boards (outside of heated enclosures) and remote bowden extruders.

Please verify that the pinout of your driver/controller and motor match the pattern of these cables. Some configurations do not require the "crossover", in which case this cable should still work after simply removing 3 pins from one end of the connector by depressing the tab on the metal pin with a small pointed tool while carefully pulling the wire (one at a time), and then re-inserting the wires in the desired order (after bending the tab back out slightly so that the pins will lock into the connectors)

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