OEM Automotive Car Wire Harness for Automation and Home Appliances

OEM Automotive Car Wire Harness for Automation and Home Appliances

Brand HOLLY / Hongli Model AC1200-002 Type :Board to wire Operating frequency :Low frequency Application range: Small appliances Interface type: AC / DC Shape Strip Line: Length 500 (mm) Production Process: Cold Press Custom processing :Yes Features: Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material: Copper
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One of the reasons we produce high-quality PC Indicator Light Cable, Television Set Wiring Harness, Black Ribbon Cable is our quality inspection system, which is the best of its kind. The needs of customers are the requirements of the company. While doing pre-sales service, we also do better after-sales service. Only by standing in the perspective of customers, can we truly win the market. We pursue scientific and technological innovation, and maintain close cooperation with universities and research institutions. We have successfully entered, adapted, mastered, and occupied the market, and then obtained a long, healthy, and rapid development.

The connector adopts JST brand series products. The terminal material is high-precision copper to ensure good contact performance. The wire uses UL or VDE certified silicone braided wire. The temperature resistance is good, which can ensure that the wire transmits stable and accurate signals at high temperature. The product is green and environmentally friendly, with REACH certificate.

We vigorously expand the domestic and foreign markets, strive to climb the peak of the OEM Automotive Car Wire Harness for Automation and Home Appliances industry, and develop towards modularization, groupization and internationalization. We use years of experience to make our products to be more creative and unique so that our products have both appearance and quality assurance. Over the years of development, after continuous reform and innovation, we have also formed strategic partnerships with many domestic and foreign customers.
Line length:500mm Features: waterproof, anti-aging, flame retardant


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