USA American and Canada 110V UL NEMA 5-15 Power Extension Cord

USA American and Canada 110V UL NEMA 5-15 Power Extension Cord

Brand :HOLLY Model: DC6300-01 Type:Harness / Connecting wire / Terminal wire Operating frequency :Low frequency Application range: Power supply Interface type: AC / DC Shape: Round Line Length :Custom (mm) Production Process: Cold Press Custom processing; Yes Features :Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material: High-precision copper
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We are committed to improving our innovation capacity for our Electric Water Heater Wiring Harness, CAT6 Unshielded Cable, Vending Machine Power Cord, to accelerate product development, so as to adapt to the needs of the rapid development of the contemporary economy. Our expertise in design and R&D has been transformed into productivity, enabling the company to occupy a place in the global market and create more product resources with continuous investment. Under the condition of ensuring the quality, we adhere to the international enterprise management standards as the guiding principle. Maintaining the prevailing friendly relations with our buyers, we however innovate our solution lists all of the time to satisfy the brand new demands and adhere to the most up-to-date development of the market.

Professional custom DC power cord DC head to 6.3 generation backpack plug spring line.

The power cord is a wire that carries current. The current transmission method is usually point-to-point transmission. Power cords can be divided into AC AC power cords and DC DC power cords according to their uses. Generally, AC power cords are wires that pass higher voltage alternating current. Such wires require a unified standard to obtain safety certification due to the high voltage before they can be officially produced. And the DC line is basically through the direct current of lower voltage.

The company provides solutions to the needs of customers around the world with personalized customization, allowing the USA American and Canada 110V UL NEMA 5-15 Power Extension Cord to add unique elements and becoming more vivid and rich, which greatly enhance the added value of products. We have established a long-term foothold in a wide range of market areas with high quality and excellent service. We rely on brand and customer acquisition platform, full information system construction platform, product innovation platform, and supply chain deepening integration platform.
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