3D Printer Swing Arm Towline

Origin :Zhejiang Quzhou Whether imported or not :not Brand :HOLLY / Hongli Item No.: 3D1000-01 Model: 3DPP241 Core material :Tinned copper wire Number of cores: 15 Sheath material: PVC wire Maximum outer: diameter 7 (mm) Sheath thickness :6 (mm) Nominal cross-section: 0.3 (mm2) Material number: 1000-01
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Product Details

This wiring harness is used in various 3D printing products. The difference between it and ordinary cables is that the towline is a highly flexible cable, which plays a protective role to prevent the cable from being scattered or tangled. Copper wire is a Khmer copper wire with a small outer diameter, which is not easy to break under the action of external force.

Product features: wear-resistant, oil-resistant, good elasticity, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, not easy to break.

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