5557-6P To 5557-6P Graphics Card Extension Cable

Brand: HOLLY Model: PC6200-06 Type: Harness / Connecting wire / Terminal wire Operating frequency: Low frequency Application range: Computer Interface type: 1394 Shape: Rectangular Line Length: Custom (mm) Production Process: Cold Press Custom processing: Yes Features :Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material :High-precision copper
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Graphics card extension generally refers to the extension cable of the PCI interface, but due to the extremely fast speed of the hundred interfaces and the parallel mechanism, unreasonable long delay will cause interference, or the speed will be degraded, and the bit error rate will increase. Not very fast.

There is also an extension of the interface transfer type. For example, the Thunderbolt 3 interface can achieve a two-way transmission rate of 40G, so there is also a Thunderbolt 3 transfer pci or Thunderbolt 3 external graphics device. Currently there are 1070 retail on the market. , The price is expensive, regardless of cost can also achieve a graphics card extension

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