6pin Waterproof IP65 Led Connector For Strip Light 40cm

6pin Black Pigtail Plastics Waterproof IP65 led connctor for Strip Light Male Female 40cm/Pair Applicable 0.3mm² 22mm nut
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Product Details

Product Description:

The mode: 22mm Nut-3Pin

Pin Models:6Pin

Application Cable Size:0.75mm²


Waterproof connector

Male and Female Ends Push In

Waterproof Design Cable

Material of external mold:PVC

Rated voltage:500V

Rated current:6A

Waterproofing grade:IP65

Fireproofing grade:UL94V-0

The largest size of nut:22MM

Standard Size: Male (including waterproof head) L = 200mm (length optional)

Female (including waterproof head) L = 200mm (length optional)

we have 2/3/4/5 pin ,selling on the store ,if you need please check

Connect reliablely and effective water-proof. Can be customized.(Mass customization, T shape,+shape, wire length,wire gauge , 6 pin or ther parameters ) .Welcome consulting

If you need special length or other canble ,please contact us to customize

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