12pin0.8mm Pitch Pierced Terminal Wire

Brand jst Model Type Board to wire Operating frequency High frequency Application range PCB interface type AC / DC Shape Strip Line Length 2-1000 (mm) Production Process Injection Molding Custom processing Yes Features Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material Plastic
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Pierced terminal, also known as paint-free connector, punctured terminal, etc., divided into five teeth, seven teeth, nine teeth are suitable for enameled wire harness connection copy connection, motor winding and connection, coil connection, transformer winding and connection , Solid line connection, power line connection, starter and alternator. Use this product to strongly change the welding or riveting process of the copper and aluminum zhidao enameled wire after the original stripping, completely realize the one-time crimping and conduction, and the electrical performance is stable. Compared with the original process, it saves time and labor without increasing costs , Environmental protection and no pollution, fully meet the ROHS directive requirements.

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