Aviation Male Female Plastic Connector For Industrial LED Panel

Package Dimensions 10 x 7 x 2 xcm Item Weight 90g Cable Range: 12-15mm, Wire Size: ≤2mm² or 14AWG, Contact Diameter: Φ1.8mm Rated Voltage/Current : AC 380V/10A, Resistance: 2mΩ Protected against solids & liquids, provide a secure and reliable connection in the harsh environment. For indoor and outdoor use. Waterproof IP68, threaded coupling, quick disconnect, solder male female cable plug
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In the harsh environment can provide a safe and reliable connection.

HE29(Threaded Coupling) connector is ideal for any equipment for watertight, indoor / outdoor applications, such as outdoor electric tools or appliances, medical device, communications, Marine equipment, under water equipment, outdoor led lighting, outdoor LED panels, solar energy system, outdoor security cameras, transformer, control box, machines and equipment, packing machines, for data and power.



Model: 2-26 Pin

Material: Plastic

IP Rating: IP68

Panel Cutout Diameter: 29mm

Cable Outer Diameter Range:12-15mm

Coupling Type: Threaded Coupling

Shell: Thermoplastic Nylon66, Fire Resistance: V-0

Insert Material: Thermoplastic PPS max temperature 260℃

Contact Material: Brass with Gold Plating

Termination: Solder

Mating Cycle: >500 times

Temperature Range: -40~+100℃

Humidity: +40℃ 95±3%

Vibrator: 10~500Hz, acceleration 100m/s²

Shock: 40~80times/min, acceleration 250m/s²

Package Includes:

1 x Cable Plug with Male Pins

1 x Cable Plug with Female Pins

1 x Waterproof / Dustproof Cap

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