JST-SH Micro Mini Female Connector Cable

JST SH Power leads with 1mm pitch connector.
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The connector with wires can be easily modified to suit the wire configuration and polarity of your device. To do so, simply lift up the plastic clamp with a pin and pull the wires out of the female connector. Then you may alter the wires as you wish, and clip the clamp back on.

These connectors wire the ends are pre stripped and tinned ready for soldering.

JST SH Power leads with 1mm pitch connector. 

Most linear servos have this connector. SH 1.0mm connector works with RC electronics.

This is a small plastic connector that is commonly seen on the side of many flight controllers on the market. It is also used on many video transmitters and RC receivers, such as the FrSky XSR.


- Application : Wire to Board

- Series : SH Connector

- Pitch : 1.0mm

- Positions : 2 -10

- Gender : Female Housing

- Number of Rows : 1

- Applicable wire : AWG #28

- Wire Length : 100mm

- End of wire Material : Solder bare wire

- Voltage rating : 50V DC/AC

- Current rating : 1.0A AC, DC

- Withstand voltage : 500 VAC/minute (effective value)

- Working Temperature : -25°C to +85°C

- Insulation resistance : ≥ 100M Ω

- Contact resistance : ≤ 0.03 Ω

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