15 Pin SATA Male To Femael Power Extension Cable

15 pin SATA male to femael Power Extension Cable
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15 pin SATA male to femael Power Extension Cable

Connector:sata male to female


The SATAPOWEXT8 8-inch, 15-Pin SATA Power Extension Cable enables you to extend the reach between internal SATA power and drive connections by up to 8 inches.

The extension simplifies drive installation by overcoming typical connection limitations, and it reduces the risk of damage to the drive or motherboard SATA connectors by eliminating the need to strain or stretch the cable in order to make the necessary connection.

It works as intended and is great. used it to extension the power cable SATA, to extend the power cable from PSU to DVD-ROM since DVD-ROM and hard drive use the same cable couldn't have the DVD-ROM in the top slot on PC but had to use the bottom. The extension cable allowed to use the top slot.

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