9-Pin Dupont Male To USB 2.0 Type A Male Cable

9-Pin USB IDC Dupont Male Header to Single USB 2.0 Type A Male Cable
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Product Details

Allows You To Connect Many USB Devices Originally Intended For Motherboard Headers To A Standard USB Port

Only The Bottom 5 Pins Are Wired To The USB Connector Intended For Single USB Connection Header Devices

Please Check Your USB Header Device To Confirm That It Is Properly Wired To Connect To The Primary Bottom 5 Pin Row

All 9 Pins Are Included In This Cable To Provide A Secure Connection To Your USB Header Connector

Cable Length (Including Connectors): 11.5"

Product description

Many USB devices typically intended to be used inside of a PC case come with a motherboard header connector. This cable gives you the opportunity to use any of these accessories with a standard USB port. Only the bottom 5 Pin row is electrically wired to the USB connector in accordance with USB header standards. Some devices no not follow this guideline and are wired to the secondary USB connection pins.

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