Aviation Head Male Line

Origin Zhejiang Quzhou Whether imported or not No Order No. HL-1125 Brand Hongli Wire core material: bare copper wire Number of cores: 6 Sheath material: PVC Custom processing: Yes Maximum outer diameter of wire: OD4.5 (mm) Main purpose: camera tail
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Product Details

1. OD 4.5, PVC outer cover, insulation and outer cover are made of new environmentally friendly raw materials, which have the characteristics of softness, wear resistance, good waterproof performance, stable video transmission, and long service life.

2. Pure copper terminals are not easy to be oxidized. 2P2.0 4P1.5 can be customized with different specifications.

3. Wire core color: 2 red 2 black, 1 white 1 yellow, with audio

4. Suitable for bus camera monitoring connection

5. The conductor adopts 4N high purity, oxygen-free copper, which has the characteristics of small resistance and long service life.

6. Wire products have undergone rigorous inspection and meet reliability tests and various electrical tests.

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