CPU 8 Pin Male To CPU 8 Pin (4+4) Male Cable

CPU 8 Pin Male to CPU 8 Pin (4+4) Male cable
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CPU 8 Pin Male to CPU 8 Pin (4+4) Male cable

Connector 1: CPU 8 Pin Male (plug into the power connector of power supply); Connector 2: CPU 8 pin (4+4) male EPS 12V (plug into the Motherboard)

Compatible with motherboard with ATX 4 pin or 8 pin port CPU 8(4+4) pin end could be used as EPS ATX 8 pin or ATX 4 pin

NOTE : This cable cannot be used to power graphic cards (not PCIe 8 Pin cable) 

TeamProfitcom EPS-12V Motherboard Power Adapter Cable for Modular Power Supply 

Compatible with ONLY Corsair modular power supply such as : AX760I/AX860I/AX1500I/AX760/AX850/AX860/HX1200I/HX1000I/HX850I/HX750I/RM1000I/RM850I/RM750I/RM650I/RM1000X/RM850X/RM750X/RM650X/RM550X/RM1000/RM850/RM750/RM650/RM550/RM450/SF600/SF450; NOTE: Do not work with AX1200 !!!

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