PCIe 6 Pin Female To PCIe 6 Pin Male Cable

PCIe 6 Pin Female to PCIe 6 Pin Male cable
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PCIe 6 Pin Female to PCIe 6 Pin Male cable

Connectors A- standard 6 pin female. Connector B - standard 6 pin male.PCIe ribbon cable; Genuine new copper cores, no recycled materials;

PCIe POWER EXTENSION cable lengthens the connection between a PCIe power connector on a PSU and the PCIe port on a video graphics card

6 PIN PCIe ADAPTER cable has a male end to connect to the power cable of the power supply and a female end to plug into the video graphics card

Gauge: standard 16AWG - UL 1007; The length of the product (Approx): 32-inches

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