SAE Adapter With SAE Connector For RV Solar Panel

SAE Adapter with SAE Connector for RV Solar Panel
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 SAE Adapter with SAE Connector for RV Solar Panel

10AWG thickest 6mm² (OEM acceptable) wire guage SAE cable with less than 0.5Ω resistance for much bigger current transfered fast than ordinary 12AWG/14AWG wires.

10 Inch SAE adapter connector cable made with copper extends and locks built-in cables to be universally compatible for all RV solar panel kits with MC4 connctors.

Working Temperature -40℃ −+110℃ for weatherproof and to withstand extreme heat and cold.

Two cables for MC4 connectors at end to connect solar panel and bare the other end for solar charge controller connecting.

Cover Material: PPO Insulating material
Working Voltage: DC1000V
Testing Voltage: DC6000V
Rated Current: 30A
Touching Resistance: ≤0.5mΩ
Wire Guage: 6mm²
Temparature Range: -40℃ −+110℃

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