SATA 15pin To 8 Pin PCI Express Cable

SATA 15pin to 8 Pin PCI Express Cable
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SATA 15pin to 8 Pin PCI Express Cable

1. The SATA to PCI-E power adapter cable has an 8-pin (female) power connector and one / two 15-pin SATA (male) power connectors.
2. Convert one / two 15-pin SATA power connectors to 8-pin power connectors, thereby increasing the current of the video card.
3. This is a solution to easily burn an 8-pin video card with a single SATA interface.
4. Suitable for computers without 8-pin video card power or insufficient power.
5. Professional design and manufacture of high-quality materials.
Name: SATA 15PIN TO 8PIN PCI-E Power Cable
Cable Length: Approx. 20cm / 7.9inch, 40cm / 15.7inch
Interface: 5576+2PIN slide type
Supported System: Compatible with All WINDOWS os, LINUX

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