SATA 15pin To LP4 Power Cable

SATA 15pin to LP4 Power Cable
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SATA 15pin to LP4 Power Cable

Provide SATA power from your PC to your IDE hard drives and other LP4 devices.

This item works to give you the ability to power a SATA drive from an older type IDE power connection and the other way around. In my case, I have a power supply that I needed to power a couple of newer SATA drives, but my power supply didn't have enough SATA type plugs. I was able to use this adapter to use two older type IDE power plugs to power up the two drives without a problem. Also if you have a older system whose PS doesn't have SATA type plugs, this can be used to give you a SATA connector you can use from the old style connector. (You might have to find the best way to arrange the plugs but they are a real bonus when mixing older drives with newer ones.) Great item to keep on hand.

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