USB 2.0 Cable A To Mini B 5 Pin Male White Cable

USB 2.0 Cable A To Mini B 5 Pin Male White Cable

USB 2.0 Cable A to Mini B 5 Pin Male High Speed USB Charger Data Cord Nickel Plated - white
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The USB 2.0 A to Mini B cable will work with either a PC or a Mac, since the connector on one end is a standard USB 2.0 plug. If you have an older computer, that’s not a problem either since the cable is backward compatible to work with original USB 1.0 and 1.1 standards. The other end of this 10-foot cable plugs right into any of your devices with a USB Mini B jack: you can import music files (or listen to them) from your MP3 player, you can transfer important files or sync your PDA with your computer, you can import video from camcorders equipped with USB Mini B jacks, transfer a photo collection from an older phone to your hard drive for posterity – and that’s only a partial list.

This cable is available in two colors and several length as well.

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