Vga With 3.5mm Stereo Audio Monitor Cable

Vga with 3.5mm Stereo Audio Monitor Cable
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Vga with 3.5mm Stereo Audio Monitor Cable

svga cable with a 3.5mm stereo audio cable built in, typically used to connect a computer to a computer monitor. This cable can handle the lowest resolutions used On computer monitors today All the way up to a maximum of 2048 x 1536. Plus This cable is double shielded to extend your video and audio signals without distortion or signal loss.

constructed of 3 coaxial and 5 twisted pair cable to minimize cross talk, noise and other interference.
3 coax conductors for the RGB signal which maximizes color and imaging.
designed to support high resolution imaging and high speed.
fully compatible with the PC.
aluminum shield helps meet FCC requirements on EMI/RFI interference.
double shielding to ensure compliance with FCC requirements.
gold Plated copper contacts provides maximum conductivity with no data loss.<specifications:
This 50-foot SVGA high-integrity monitor extension cable will make the flow of data faster, and the resolution of your images crystal clear. Serves as a replacement video and high-resolution multimedia monitor cable with a Hddb15 connector to your PC.

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