Computer Appliance AC / DC Connection Harness

Brand: Other Model: HL015801 Type: Harness / Connecting wire / Terminal wire Operating frequency: Low frequency Application range: Computer Interface type: AC / DC Shape :None Line Length :600 (mm) Production Process :Cold Press Custom processing: Yes Characteristics: Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material: Cu
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Product Details

1. Different nature

1. AC nature: AC power supply.

2. Nature of DC: DC power supply.

Second, the characteristics are different

1. AC characteristics: After the AC voltage is rectified and filtered, although it becomes a DC voltage with a small AC component, when the grid voltage fluctuates or the load changes, the average value will also change accordingly. The function of the voltage stabilizing circuit is to make the output DC voltage unaffected by grid voltage fluctuations and load changes, thereby obtaining sufficiently high stability.

2. DC characteristics: The input of the DC power supply is 220 volts. The generally required DC voltage value differs greatly from the effective value of the grid voltage. Therefore, before dealing with the AC voltage, it is necessary to reduce the voltage through the power transformer. The effective value of the transformer secondary voltage depends on the needs of the circuit behind it. In fact, other methods can be used instead of transformers.

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