Custom-made Electronic Rehearsal Wiring Harness

Brand :Holly Model: ul2468-26AWG Type: Harness / Connecting Wire / Terminal Wire Operating frequency: Low frequency Application range: PCB interface type: Other Shape Strip Line Length :40-9999 (mm) Production Process :Cold Press Custom processing :Yes Characteristics :Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material: Cu
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Materials for electronic wiring harness generally include wires, connectors, terminals, jackets, heat shrinkable tubes, winding tubes, cable ties, etc. The wire material is generally composed of PVC insulation skin and copper wire, and the special wire is more complicated. It is necessary to consider the actual application environment, such as high voltage, low smoke, halogen-free, high and low temperature resistance, etc .; the connector includes plastic shells and terminals, general plastic shell The material is abs or nylon, the terminal material is brass or phosphor copper; the sheath is divided into a soft sheath and a hard sheath, the soft sheath has pvc material rubber material silicone material, etc. The hard sheath is the plastic shell in the connector Same material.

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