Electrical Equipment Power Cord 4.8 Plug Spring To 0 Type Grounding Piece

Brand: HOLLY / Hongli Model: AC1101-01 Type: Harness / Connecting wire / Terminal wire Operating frequency: Low frequency Application range :Power interface type: AV Shape: Round Line Length :Custom (mm) Production Process: Cold Press Custom processing :Yes Features: Fire resistance / flame retardant Contact material :Copper
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Product Details

The product consists of three main raw materials, 1, terminal, 2, wire. First of all, according to the specifications, the required parameters are set on the stripping and terminal-integrating machine, and the semi-finished products of the riveting terminal are directly produced. According to the specification requirements, whether tin immersion is required. Then manually insert the plastic shell.

Terminal specifications:

Opening distance: 110 (2.8mm); 187 (4.8mm); 250 (6.3mm)

There is a height of 0.5MM and 0.8MM

Matching inserts: 110,187,250 inserts. (There are two thicknesses of 0.5MM and 0.8MM)

Wire can be equipped

Wire series number: UL1007, 1015, 1430, 1431, 3321, 3266, 3271, 10198

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