Desk Lamp Wire Harness RGB Light Bar Electronic Wire

Brand :Holly Model: HL-4200 Type: Harness/Connecting Wire/Terminal Wire Operating frequency: Low frequency Application range: Speaker (horn) Interface type: AC/DC Shape: Rectangle Manufacturing process: Cold pressing Customized processing :Yes Characteristics: Flame retardant/flame retardant Contact material: copper Insulator material:nylon
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Product Details

This product uses new environmentally friendly insulating materials, resistant to high and low temperatures, abrasion resistance, and has good flexibility. It uses high-purity environmentally friendly tinned copper wire. 

Features: bright surface, oxidation resistance, low resistance, and long service life

Wire specification: UL1007 26AWG rehearsal line

 Temperature resistance: 80℃     Voltage resistance: 300V

Main uses: battery, toys, household appliances and other electronic products connection

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