Electric Appliance Indicator Wire Harness

Electric appliance indicator wire harness
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Electric appliance indicator wire harness

Connector uses JST brand SM, JC25 series products,Durable and stable performance.JC25 is directly soldered to the motherboard to prevent pulling and falling off, and to ensure that the indicator light displays.

The wire uses UL2464 wire, thick insulation layer, compact structure, suitable for long-distance signal transmission, not easy to break, plus PVC pipe protection, wear resistance, anti-aging.

The conductor use tinned copper. We use UL VW-1 flame resistance test to ensure PVC is reliable, the materials is environmentally friendly and ROHS certificated. All products use manual detection, use eyes to detect, power continuity test and use optical discriminator to detect that to ensure product no complaint.

The quality of the material directly affects the quality of the wire harness. The choice of material is related to the quality and service life of the wire harness. Our company insists on selecting the best material, reliable technology, after visual inspection, light measurement, continuity test, etc. ,to ensure the quality of products.

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