Type B 14pin 0.5mm Ffc Ribbon Cable

Type B 14pin 0.5mm ffc ribbon cable
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Type B 14pin 0.5mm ffc ribbon cable

Product Name:Flexible Flat Cable
Model: AWM 20624 80C 60V VW-1 (B type)
Pins: 14 Pins
Pitch: 0.5mm
Length: 150mm
Temperature: 80C
Voltage: 60V
External Material: Plastic

Flexible, flat cables are used in place of round cables for easy cable management, especially in high-flex applications.
They usually take up less space than round cables, often offering better EMI/RFI suppression and eliminating wire coupling issues.
In addition, because the wires are protected individually and not wrapped many times over by different materials as round cables are, they are lighter in weight and offer greater flexibility.
Now the FFC Cables are widely used in a variety of printer connection between the head and the motherboard, plotters, scanners, copiers, stereos, LCD appliances, fax machines, DVD players and other products, a variety of signal transmission and plate board connections.

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