2pin SAE Quick Disconnect 12v Fused Cable

2pin SAE Quick Disconnect 12v Fused cable
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2pin SAE Quick Disconnect 12v Fused cable

Materials: AWG16 silicone wire or 18AWG or custom
Length: 3ft or custom
Working voltage: 1-24 V
Current: below 10 A
Power: below 100 W
Please refer to the picture. If you need other types, please contact me directly and provide samples or specifications.

Test: The product passed the UL VW-1 vertical flame test, pro-environment, have RoHS test report. Each process of the product has undergone visual inspection, optical measurement, and continuity testing to ensure that the product is 100% qualified.

Silicone wire specification: temperature range -60℃ - +200℃; conductors use oxygen-free copper wire, the silicone wire types range from AWG30 to AWG26. Due to the finer copper wire diameter, the silicone wire has good softness. 

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